Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year... a bit late

I  am sure the title of this post should be Where the Hell Have I Been, but I will leave it as is.  Well for the past year I have been at work at my first out of the house job in quite a few years.  Getting back into juggling work and home has been quite the challenge, much easier when I was younger lol.  I started off part time which quickly turned into full time.  So many things have fallen by the wayside and I am trying to add more things back as time allows.  I have read blogs when I can.  I miss blogging, all the instant stuff seems so much more impersonal and then everyone points to their blog anyway.
I cannot remember the last time I canned anything that I have grown, or sewn something of use.  A fact I find depressing.  It will get there little by little.  I have been knitting socks.  My husband is fond of his and shows them off.  Here is a pair I am working on now:

It is a simple pattern and with all the colorful sock yarns I don't feel the need to use something with more of a design.  My husband only wears black socks so I like to work on colorful ones for myself when not working on his, it breaks things up.
My middle son is going to State next year (go dawgs!) and he is excited.
I still have three at home and the older two are doing well.
What direction is my blog going to go in?  Well the same as it always has, daily life.  I have been using the crockpot more for dinners, and I have to plan better for that.  We love to eat, nothing has changed there!
On another note, who the hell finally unleashed winter??  This week it finally hit at once!  The socks are coming in handy.  I will post again soon, I hope this finds you healthy and warm.


  1. Hello, hello, hello! And yes, Go Dawgs. What's he planning on majoring in? Philosophy, by any chance? FINALLY! You'll be able to visit the Farm-- it's more or less between you & the Great StarkVegas.

    Where the hell have you been, indeed. Nice to see you back, Girl. Looking forward to hearing more detail on what you've been up to!

    Stay warm down there. Those 25 degree nights can be brutal.

  2. Hello! I have been visiting your blog and liking posts. Chemical Engineering is what he has chosen. Stay warm up there!

  3. ...glad y'all are doin' good, i hope to see more posts too, tis the season of cooking when weather is cold, surprised the Mrs crockpot hasn't melted yet don't think it's been off since thanksgiving lol, anyway you know how i am 'bout recipes, if ya get a good one don't forget to share...see ya soon