Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Quiet Memorial Weekend

My children asked to have guests over for a pizza party and we fired up the oven Friday.  I was busy rolling dough so I didn't take pictures but we did have some leftover dough the next morning so I made Zeppole.   It is the Italian version of Beignet.  Use half olive oil, half vegetable oil when you fry.  Just break off balls of dough, fry until puffed up and lightly browned, drain and dust with powdered sugar. 

Something so simple, it was a favorite on feast days and festival days.  Aqueduct Flea Market in Queens used to have a vendor that sold them. 

Monday, my husband slow smoked ribs on the PK grill using pecan wood.  While this may seem biased, they were the best ribs I have ever had.

War movies were on most of the weekend.  One of the more upbeat movies, and a favorite:

No Time For Sergeants

A pretty tame weekend.  If you have time, head over to Cowboys and Chuckwagons and read about Wagons for Warriors.  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Rolling Around in My Brain

The USDA Warns of Sticker Shock, beef prices are rising at the start of grilling season.  Yes they are, pork has been on the rise also.

In reality, I think the people of the U.S. should all be vegan, we should be the first to lay down our arms and celebrate the fact that there will be a unified world order.  If we aren't doing anything wrong we should allow the government to track our every move and conversation.  

O.k.  you can laugh now, some of you I know needed a laugh.  Yes, prices are going up, we knew it was coming how come no one is paying attention.  As for the vegan remark, I was reading an older thread on a message board about vegans adding beef broth to their diet as a precaution so they would not be ill if we had a food system shut down.  What interested me the most about this conversation is that the majority felt that everyone would be out hunting meat.  Would there be enough meat for everyone?  Just a point to ponder.

I was thinking about how long it will take for all of us to be dumped into the Obamacare cesspool.  Which leads me again to think about food and health.  How sick would you want to be under Obamacare?  

Actually, I was taking a break from the news today when my husband gave a shout out about the USDA article.  Imagine my brain on a full news day lol. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

End of the Elementary Levels

Today my youngest is having his "Promotional Ceremony".  Next year he is off to the middle school.   I have children old enough to make me a grandmother but there is something final about not having one young enough to be in elementary school.  This is on the heels of my middle son getting his drivers license and my daughter getting her driving permit.  It goes by fast.

I did not plant this spring (again) but will plant some containers.  I am determined to get that shady bed ready by next month to plant for fall.  I was shamed by the beautiful garden that my neighbors have in the back.  The squirrels have dug up their corn twice now.  I have been working on my peg loom to finally finish up the rug I started last year.  I will post again tomorrow with some pictures.