Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Socks for Christmas

Hot off the needles, a pair of socks for my oldest.  I have a second pair in the works for him.  He doesn't read my blog so no worries.  I have made quite a few pairs for my husband, he calls them his lucky socks and wears them whenever he rides his motorcycle.  It's always good to learn a new skill and this one has taken me a while.  They actually look like socks now and not a tube with a heel.  It is finally cooling down here enough to wear them.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Did Facebook Eat My Blog?

Yes and no.  Facebook is quick and convenient, it is a fast way to catch up with the family and friends that I live so far away from.  The reality is there are a lot of changes that happened in life here.  Instead of having three at home now, I have one.  I have also went back to work, going on three years now and have been full time for two.  At the end of the day I am worn out.  A lot of things I used to do I haven't the time or energy for. 
We have a small garden now, as our family has been shrinking so has the need to put as much food up as possible.  We hope to have a deer this year and this will last us twice as long. 
I am knitting up a storm, socks mostly, useful things.  That will never change the need to make and use useful things.  
I still cook.  Love my new revolver and do the best with what we have.
I miss my old blogging family.  Do we still have things to offer in the blogging world? 
Folks just living, that's what life is about.  I am still reading....