Monday, May 13, 2019

Garden life and Growing Gifts

The garden is in full swing.  Potatoes look good so far this year after the diseased results last year.  There is also a parsnip growing from a top we planted.  Beans are perky, garlic has sent up shoots and we have extra tomato plants growing with the new crop from last year.

A fig tree arrived as a gift from my coworker after my MIL's passing.  It is a nice healthy tree, we are not sure if we will keep this as we aren't huge fig people, but maybe we will.  It likes it here.

My husband brought home one of the citrus trees that I bought for my MIL.  It had to live in a pot in Missouri and we are anxious to put it in the ground and let the roots spread out.  The tree is probably 7 or 8 years old and has a few lemons on it already. 

We had a lot of heavy rain and thankfully flooding hasn't been to bad along the coast.