Friday, February 21, 2014

Why I Can't Be A Foodie

While I like to look, I know I can never be a foodie.  This was my breakfast:

Homemade bread, homemade jam, butter and tea.  My dishes matched by accident and this picture was taken with a simple crappy  camera, which I do not know how to use.

I do not own top of the line, snooty chef cookware or even disgraced chef cookware:

Just a simple stew made with white beans and kielbasa in my Wagner #10, with self basting lid thankyouverymuch , found at a flea market.  I do not have step by step pictures, and I don't even have a recipe.  It's one of those throw it in and hope for the best kind of dinners.  Definitely not a foodie.  I didn't need to search high and low for the ingredients either.  When I do think I want to try a recipe, and maybe take some step by step photos, something always goes wrong.  Take this recipe for Deer wurst from Big Food, Big Garden, Big Life.   Now you won't find it in the post which is called I Am In A Fine Mood, (I renamed it Deer wurst just click on the above link), you need to look in comments.  I was excited to find this since I usually have a supply of ground deer in the freezer.  So,  I took an ingredient picture:

Not one picture of it shaped or mixed.  But I have one of  it ready on a broiling pan to go into the oven:

And there you have it, why I can't be a foodie.  Do you notice what is missing?  The end result!  Was it good?  You bet!  I do have to thank Mr. and Mrs. Big Food for the recipe which was given to me by memory while they were away from home.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Expensive Winter

The heater I bought cheap cost about $75 to run for the month.  It did run daily in a room that doesn't get much heat. So I spent about as much as I saved for the heater.  I do regret not getting outside more, living in the South has turned me into a whiney mess during winter.  I have been picking up flannel sheets on sale to prepare for next winter. 
I have been doing a lot of window shopping online.  Here is what I look at:

Meh, no surprises there.