Friday, March 30, 2018

New Holster

Not the greatest picture, but it is well made by a retired Seabee.  I am very happy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Slave to the Lender

I have grown children.  My youngest is still at home while two are away at college and the oldest two are on their own.  My college children are receiving advice on how to build their credit.  Have a cell phone plan, take out a credit card and carry a balance, take out a student loan, trade in your car, and so on.   From people their own age I expect it.  From other parents I do not.  If you want to give advice to my children I suggest you open your finances to them also.  Tell them how much debt you have, what you actually own.  How much your stuff cost you.  Inform them about the institutions you have to work to pay because they OWN you.   How long you will have to continue working because you cannot afford not work.  Please let them know how satisfying it is.  Paint the whole picture or shut up.
That being said, I have smart kids that thankfully talk to us about these things for the most part.  They have had jobs, paid their car insurance and cell phone bills since high school but it is easy to be lured into the instant satisfaction society.
End of rant.