Tuesday, July 24, 2018

More Cookbooks?

So a while back I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore cookbooks.  Some how this came in the mail:

Yep, I see this in my future:

Then a friend bought me this!

And look at this!

I found it funny that they are called Breaking Bread and Breaking Breads.  This is why I can never be on a Paleo diet.   So instead of kicking myself for having new cookbooks, I decided I was celebrating the fact that 14,000 year old toast was found.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Another Month Gone By

It's been busy here. College students are home and I am just trying to keep track of who is working where and what camp starts and ends.  School starts for the high school child in a few short weeks and the others will be back at college.  Busy finishing things up and starting new projects.  An update on the home made vanilla extract:

Before picture:

After one month:

This will be wonderful come December.

Finished up another pair of socks:

They faded quickly in just one wash.  Luckily these were not a gift. 

My patio chairs are giving out so I made two seat bottoms.  Not too bad, I will replace them as needed:

We finally got a large amount of needed rain yesterday.  My garden is happy.