Monday, February 11, 2019

Time of the Year

This is the time of the year where everyone is anxiously awaiting spring.  I have been struggling with blueberry bushes, do I want to add more and knuckle down?  What plants are going in the garden this year?  I am late with starting seedlings.  Now is also the time to start planning crafted Christmas gifts, I am already taking stock of yarn and various other materials.  I have been saving bits of yarn from socks and hats and have started a large granny square blanket. 

Not large enough yet but it will get there. 
We have also been toying with buying land but have decided to put that on the back burner for now.  The only land cheap enough are in flood zones and with a proposed casino in the works our land prices will go up.  Timing is everything.
So it's Monday, and I always love the question about what I did during the weekend.  My answer is usually, I planned the weekly menu, baked two loaves of bread, sewed some clothes and worked with some yarn.  Pretty exciting stuff for the twenty and thirty somethings lol. The flu and sinus infections are running rampant here, please take care. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Needle Biopsy of the Breast

I was debating if I should share here or not.  I had a biopsy done and everything is fine but when I asked other women who have had this done the popular response was it wasn't that bad.  Until you go in to have it done it doesn't feel that way. has a thorough explanation on how things work.
After having two mammograms and possible an ultrasound the last thing you want to hear is that you need to have a biopsy.  That means a visit to a surgeon for yet another breast exam and an explanation of what was to occur.  I had a large calcification and plus my age they decided they needed a closer look.  Hopefully you will be able to go in right away.  Because of the holiday season things were backed up which gave me three weeks of having my imagination run away with me.  The person at the radiology department booked my appointment, answered all my questions and made sure I had a direct line to contact her again.  They offer Xanax.  If you choose this option, which I did, you will need a ride home. 
I had a great team.  I met with the radiologist right before the procedure, he explained everything again and then the nurse came in with the Xanax. 
You will be laying on a table face down, away from everyone, breast in a hole in the table and a machine will compress the breast.  More pressure than your first mammogram, less than the second.  I was a bit worried I would be uncomfortable laying on my stomach for an hour.  The most important thing I can say is relax your body.  The more relaxed you are and the quicker you are in position the less time it takes.  I was done in about 25 minutes.  They are also going to put in a metal marker so they can find the spot easier in the future.  They will numb you on the outside and inside.  There were a couple of times there was pressure and they will hold your back down.  Stay relaxed.  It helps.  I was surprised when they said they were finished.  Like I said earlier, I had a great team in there. You will also have another mammogram right after.
My results were phoned from the surgeon the next day and radiology called me the day after to check on me.  Wear a bra.  They will give you and ice pack when it is done.  They placed steri tape over the wound and a dressing over that.  The dressing comes off that night and I got a waterproof bandage to place over the wound for the next two day so I can shower.  The steri tape came off six days later and the wound underneath was healed.   I took the next day off, was sore, no bruising.  I hope this helps.  I pray for you if you have to go through this that this will be the end of your testing and not the beginning.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Feels Like Winter

We have had a wet, humid winter here and yesterday morning was one of the rare occasions that we had a freeze this winter.  My recent fails were a hat I don't even want to talk about and over dehydrated mangoes.  I made two aprons over the holidays.  We have a local sewing store with a limited supply of fabric but I had an itch and came up with these:

My daughter and I stopped at the Redwing outlet in the next town. They had a great deal on a very limited selection of women's shoes.  One pair for $15 and if you bought two you only had to pay $20.  No brainer.  I opted for the free shoe jewelry on my pair. 

We are back to being warm and humid today. 

Friday, December 7, 2018


It's been busy around here!  Had to make another trip to Kansas City for business and I was able to make a trip to see my granddaughter.  We were put up at the Westin, this was my view:

I bought another pen and bottle of ink, of course!

Then we went to see our granddaughter who is laughing and babbling.  She is pictured here babbling to my husband.

Here she is babbling to this thing I bought her.

And this is how she looks at me LOL.

That's OK, I know I am secretly her favorite.

My mom gave me a Christmas present early.

I am not the greatest seamstress in the world but my old machine was always giving me a problem and I was giving myself a headache comparing features of different machines and prices.  I decided on a more economical machine and honestly it sews like a dream.  It made me feel I wasn't so bad after all!  I have made a dress and blouse already no pictures yet.  Thanks mom!

Just so you know I haven't been slacking on the home front, I recently canned 20 quarts of tomato sauce.  They are hidden from the college students so they don't take off with all of them.

We recently made a trip north of us to see college student number 3 sing in the choir.  We went to eat first and she picked the place.  This is why:

Yes I tried it, I am sure we have diabetes after this. 

Our local high school did an amazing job in a production of Prometheus Bound.  My son is on the right.  It took them to the Drama Fest competition where they did a fantastic job.  I am amazed at all the lines they had to remember.

Be back soon!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Great Trip

It has taken me a while to post about our trip.  We went to Missouri and I finally got to meet my granddaughter.  As luck would have it, I will be going to Kansas City again on business and can take another side trip to see her again.  This is little Paislee.

Also went to the pen store. 

I also made a new friend.

The quilt we slept under was made in 1939 by my husbands great grandmother.  She made it a series of them for her only granddaughter I have two of them but this one is the most colorful.

This is a flour sack quilt.  Usually the men went to town to pick up the supplies needed at home but the women went specifically to pick out the feed sacks that had appealing colors and patterns. 
I worked the rummage sale for my church (no conflict of interest there LOL) and came home with this flour sack baby quilt.

Thankfully in fantastic shape!


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Bread and Knitting

Work has been a little crazy so it has been a while since I last posted.  I have been playing around with sourdough starter and bread the last couple of weeks.  I used this book that I mentioned in my last post.

My first attempt was dense through my starter was fantastic.  I tweaked a recipe in the book and added a little my water than what was called for.  This was probably the best loaf I have made.

Baked in a covered cast iron dutch oven.  Beautiful.  The inside looks a little dense but it is actually very light.  I omitted the wheat the recipe called for and used a combination of all purpose and bread flour. Want to see the inside?

I have to say this is my best sourdough. This bread is a two day process without making the starter.

Keeping winter in mind, I knitted a pair of fingerless mitts for the pharmacy drive through.

Not too bad for a novice knitter.  This was a free pattern from tons Patons.

In July we became grandparents, so we will be traveling soon to meet our first granddaughter little Pj.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

More Cookbooks?

So a while back I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore cookbooks.  Some how this came in the mail:

Yep, I see this in my future:

Then a friend bought me this!

And look at this!

I found it funny that they are called Breaking Bread and Breaking Breads.  This is why I can never be on a Paleo diet.   So instead of kicking myself for having new cookbooks, I decided I was celebrating the fact that 14,000 year old toast was found.