Monday, June 18, 2018

Road Trip to the Ark

Made a surprise road trip to Arkansas to pick up wood slabs.  It was a nice trip, very hot. 

The Ash slabs will become a table once it has dried out more. 

Of course I couldn't stop at a couple of flea markets while there.

Frankoma bean pot, new condition, very cheap.

Old Hickory, never used, my husband will put an edge on it.

A liquor store having a huge sale.  Vanilla extract in the works. 

What I really went in there for.

I came home to pick tomatoes.

This is what I pick everyday usually.  My coworkers are very happy!

Red all the way through.  I had my daughter run this morning to pick up my eggs from the egg lady.

And I did not pick this up in the Ark, but she wanted to have her picture taken.

Old One Eye

Not a bad weekend, thanks for stopping by!