Friday, December 7, 2018


It's been busy around here!  Had to make another trip to Kansas City for business and I was able to make a trip to see my granddaughter.  We were put up at the Westin, this was my view:

I bought another pen and bottle of ink, of course!

Then we went to see our granddaughter who is laughing and babbling.  She is pictured here babbling to my husband.

Here she is babbling to this thing I bought her.

And this is how she looks at me LOL.

That's OK, I know I am secretly her favorite.

My mom gave me a Christmas present early.

I am not the greatest seamstress in the world but my old machine was always giving me a problem and I was giving myself a headache comparing features of different machines and prices.  I decided on a more economical machine and honestly it sews like a dream.  It made me feel I wasn't so bad after all!  I have made a dress and blouse already no pictures yet.  Thanks mom!

Just so you know I haven't been slacking on the home front, I recently canned 20 quarts of tomato sauce.  They are hidden from the college students so they don't take off with all of them.

We recently made a trip north of us to see college student number 3 sing in the choir.  We went to eat first and she picked the place.  This is why:

Yes I tried it, I am sure we have diabetes after this. 

Our local high school did an amazing job in a production of Prometheus Bound.  My son is on the right.  It took them to the Drama Fest competition where they did a fantastic job.  I am amazed at all the lines they had to remember.

Be back soon!