Wednesday, May 21, 2014

End of the Elementary Levels

Today my youngest is having his "Promotional Ceremony".  Next year he is off to the middle school.   I have children old enough to make me a grandmother but there is something final about not having one young enough to be in elementary school.  This is on the heels of my middle son getting his drivers license and my daughter getting her driving permit.  It goes by fast.

I did not plant this spring (again) but will plant some containers.  I am determined to get that shady bed ready by next month to plant for fall.  I was shamed by the beautiful garden that my neighbors have in the back.  The squirrels have dug up their corn twice now.  I have been working on my peg loom to finally finish up the rug I started last year.  I will post again tomorrow with some pictures.  


  1. Did you take the bird picture?

  2. My mother took that last year.

  3. ...afternoon Miss Aggie, today was my youngest monsters last day of 7th grade...him and his pals just stormed thru the house to the game room, hootin' and hollerin' about having no more school...hehehe, little does he know, his new chores start this it up boys, the real world starts again