Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Slow Cooking

I bought a new slow cooker by Bella for $20.   I have a 7 quart Hamilton Beach which I love, but sometimes it runs hot and I don't want things overcooked.  I don't think I have it filled enough even though I am feeding a large family.  I have one that is 3 1/2 quarts, not big enough for daily meals.  

It is manual,  I like to keep my slow cookers simple.
I do not have a picture of the finished product but I tried Crock-Pot Sticky Chicken from Flavour & Savour.  It was a winner and just a small portion for leftovers.

Since I have the never ending supply of ground venison I am looking up more recipes calling for ground beef. 


  1. ...hey stranger, i'll comment here for both recent posts of yours, my bread suffers a bit(not from lack of trying...different every time?)...but the crock pot has been running alot since turkey day, the Mrs has made crock pot meals that are to die for, i've taken control for squirrel and rabbit dumplings in the crock pot but only 'cause she don't eat them like me and our son, and crocking them is easier on me...lol

    ...anyway, keep the posts coming, it's good to have more reading, gonna go now and pull the rainbow trout off the grill, time for supper...

  2. ...hmmm that's funny, post time says 3:21, but it's 5:21

  3. Slow cooker night for us tonight. And a good night for it. It's cold!

  4. Thanks for coming by! Ken, weather might be the cause of the bread coming out different.

  5. ...just checking in on you and yours, hope all is well, see ya later...