Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting a Little Nippy

It has been a little nippy down here on the coast.  It dips, gets warm, dips again, then it's winter at some point.  Leaves are dropping like crazy, we do not get the beautiful fall colors that neighbors to the north (or more north of us) have. 
We survived another homecoming week.  Our house was rolled three nights in a row and the last night someone had drawn male anatomy on the back window of my van.  Thankfully it was washable.  Unfortunately everyone heading out to church Sunday morning got a gander at my back van window as they drove by.  It was my daughter's first homecoming and middle son's second.  Boys are way cheaper than girls.  Everyone made it home safe and a good time was had by all.

I had a request for a crochet bird so here is my crochet bird:

He's a chunky thing, crochet in Lion Brand's Hometown USA yarn which I believe is a 6 in yarn weight so it is super chunky.  After stuffing him I'm sure he could cause injury if thrown hard enough lol.

I was browsing the Internet looking at scarves, I don't know why.  I stumbled across a site for Dr. Who scarves.  It seems that not only is there a cult following for Dr. Who but also a sub-cult if you will, of followers of the scarves worn.  I found the official BBC directions to knit or crochet the scarf, which let me to a group of Dr. Who scarf knitters, and decided to give a Dr. Who style scarf a shot.  I say style because I am not accurate on the colors and am doing a modified version of the scarf which will measure around 9ft instead of 12.....I think.  Knitting is the supreme act of patience for me.  I fly with a crochet hook but as time goes on, I am gaining speed with needles and haven't dropped a stitch yet.  It also helps that it is only knit stitch, here it is so far:

It's about a foot and a half long so far.

The crock pot has been getting a workout also.  I wanted to justify requesting a new crock pot and cookbooks for my birthday last year and one of the cookbooks I like came out with a part 2 and I wanted to cook more from the first one before I dive into the second. I will post more on this soon.



  1. "Boys are way cheaper than girls."

    No kidding.

    1. That's almost enough to make me want to ding into my contacts list and call you.

  2. My old stupid phone broke, my new stupid phone did not transfer my contacts you have to email me your number.

  3. The Misses made me a hat and scarf out worsted weight yarn and it came out the bees knees. Hat's big enough to get over my ears but still thin enough for my broad brimmed hat to fit my noggin. Seeing that bird reminded me of the other stuff she does like that, bears and bunnies mostly, and dresses for her Blythe dolls.

    Good stuff!

  4. She sounds like a very talented lady. It's funny, I too have a Blythe doll I make dresses for lol.