Thursday, June 13, 2013

First it was the Boston Bomber's Wife

When they were questioning the Boston Bomber's wife a while back a statement was released that they were going through her phone calls.  Not her phone records, her phone calls.  I asked DH, how can they do that?  Then came the AP/Fox scandal followed by Edward Snowden.  Now everyone is "shocked" at the NSA and Edward Snowden is a "traitor".  Hey did you know we also hacked China and Hong Kong?  Well, at least we haven't been just a victim all these years.   While the Patriot Act was being  tossed around you might want to look up who the Gang of Eight was at that time, there is a Mississippian in there...
Also, I caught the beginning of a satire on the radio the other morning of a recording when the IRS is called;  press 1 if you are a tea party supporter, press 2, if you are pro-life, press 3 if..... you get the picture.
I would like to say we have no where to go but up, but I know better.  So here I am with the new blog and my first rant. 
I have some pictures of small silly projects that I worked on while in stress mode and two new cookbooks.  I'll be back.



  1. Nothing shocks me anymore. Big brother is always watching, no matter if it is supposed to be a free country or not. Thanks for letting me know of your new blog, I have updated my website with your new address. Cheers!

  2. Great! Thanks for coming by!