Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Friend Needs Help

Some of you might have seen this post but I am posting it here also.  Maybe you can share her link also to help.

When American Prepper was in it's early stages a bunch of us jumped in and worked the blogs.  We've been on message boards, and radio shows, etc., I have stated previously that I have met the most amazing people through Prepper, from fellow bloggers to commentators and that still stands.   Well, mmpaints from Self Sustained Living needs a hand.  If you will, click on her link to find out her story.  If you ever needed to know how to grow it, kill it, cook it,or can it, she would tell you all the while making some great cheese too!   On my best day she makes me look like I am standing still.  Mmpaints recently had the rug pulled out from under her and knowing how that is I wanted to share this with you.  If you a few dollars left over from couponing, or whatever, and if you can't maybe you can share her link to get the word out.  I would hate to see her lose her farm after how hard she has worked all these years.  Thank you for hearing me out.

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  1. "I have met the most amazing people through Prepper"

    Back at ya.