Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

A friend of mine is teaching herself to sew, with some help from me.  I bought her the pattern she wanted to try and picked up the Fall 2014 Fleece Concepts booklet from Hancock Fabrics.  This caught my daughter's eye:

This is all tied.  After a discussion she decided she did not want to make a duvet, just a cover, so I did not have to buy an additional 6 yards of fabric.   She also has a twin bed not a full one as pictured.   The printed fleece for this project is 70%  off ($3.29 yd).  The pattern book I bought at Hobby Lobby with a 40%  coupon ($6.49).  The pillow form was not on sale, so the total was $56.    Had I not bought the pillow it would have been $43.  This also includes an extra 2 yards for curtains.  I will still have some scraps left over to make additional things also.  Not too bad and it will give her bedroom a whole new look.  She was excited, so I wanted to get everything together before the next best thing came along.  
Sorry for lack of posting.  The kids are all back at school, which meant a ton of paperwork and running to the doctor for physicals and such.  We are still trying to settle into the new routine of this school year.  Middle son is driving so that makes things a little easier, one less to pick up, but more nerve wracking.  

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