Monday, June 2, 2014

Peg Loom Weaving

A while back I posted pictures of a rug in progress on my peg loom. After a year I have finally finished it.  Definitely a learning experience.  Here is my loom:

Purchased from Daisy Hill Handiworks.   Lynette is a doll to work with.   

I bought 3 cones of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.  One solid color for the warp, hombre for the weft.  

I think I took so long, they discontinued the color.  I finally bucked up and finished.



All ends are woven in as not to tempt the cat.  

Tips I can give:

I had my loom made for me, with the smallest spacing, in the longest size.  If I want to use a thicker fiber I can just warp every other peg.

Using a single strand of yarn takes a long time to weave.  Double up or use a thicker material.

Cotton weft on a cotton warp is HEAVY.  If I had thought about it, I would have spaced it out by pushing the weft further down earlier on or used a material more able to handle the weight. 

It was so heavy that at the end the warp strings broke.  Not fun to deal with.  The rug is very compact because I was afraid of further breakage by pushing the weft down more.  

It is a pretty solid rug and I look forward to other projects on peg looms.

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