Thursday, February 20, 2014

Expensive Winter

The heater I bought cheap cost about $75 to run for the month.  It did run daily in a room that doesn't get much heat. So I spent about as much as I saved for the heater.  I do regret not getting outside more, living in the South has turned me into a whiney mess during winter.  I have been picking up flannel sheets on sale to prepare for next winter. 
I have been doing a lot of window shopping online.  Here is what I look at:

Meh, no surprises there.  


  1. ...ah yes, cast iron porn...i rescued two rusty dutch ovens, with lids from an estate sale, both wagners...8 bucks, looks like they were never used

    ...i hear ya on the cold ass weather, we supplemented with propane and wood this year mostly from barter so i don't have an actual dollar value to compare, but the actual gas bill did go up these last three months too, even while using alternative much for gorebal warming huh ?

  2. {{Ken}} glad to see you! Wagners for $8?? Wonderful! I have been avoiding buying new Cast Iron, pickings are slim for used around here lately. I am so glad that you were able to supplement, I need to have my chimney checked and hope to do that next winter, since we are held hostage by an electric only house. Makes you want to kick Al Gore in the rear, doesn't it?

  3. We burned through a LOT of $$ on propane. Hurts.

    I WAS shocked to see that revolver. Shocked, I say.

  4. My friend got hit with high propane also. Maybe a warmer winter next year. ROFL you were shocked? Actually the picture is for the case (I kinda have what goes inside lol).