Thursday, January 9, 2014

Money Saving Challenge: Heating and Heater

I hope every one survived the holidays.  We have been below freezing now for the last few days.  The end of last week, we had to have our heat pump serviced and a part ordered.  It wasn't fixed until today.  We have been running on emergency heat which raises up our electricity bill.  We had been thinking about buying a heater to use during the day when only one or two rooms were in use so when I saw this, my mind was made up:

That purple tag on the bottom means 60% off and it works great.   There wasn't a charge for parts or repair on the heat pump.  I am a little worried about the electric but we shall see.  Keep warm!


  1. Didn't see this until just now. Hope you've warmed up!

  2. Hi Aggie,

    I am very interested in how much the electric heater raises your bill. We bought one in November to use in our grandchildrens bedroom when they visit. That room is the coldest room in the house because of huge windows. We had it on for only 2 days and our bill was way up.

  3. I will let you know Precious, my daughter has been using it quite a bit in her room since it is the coldest.