Friday, October 4, 2013

Hurricane Season Validation From the Gulf

Tropical Storm Karen is on the way.  Our forecast shows it could increase to 70mph when it hits here but our actual forecast is calling for 20-40 mph winds.  I think our local weathermen are happy to be forecasting a more serious storm and the local news is probably happy not to be forecasting about day 4 of the furlough.  We have two military bases and a lot of people not working.  I have plants and small projectiles brought in so far.  I am not very worried about the storm, it will be windy and dump about a foot of rain on us, which we could use.  It will give the town a chance to see if all the drainage they installed in our flood prone area pans out.   I am definitely more concerned about being cooped up with 2 teens and 1 preteen.



  1. Good luck, Girl! The cooped up part is hard, isn't it? Give me a call if you need to vent.

    In between shucking corn, I'm going to town to fill up a couple of 5-gal takes with no ethanol gas. Just in case a tree falls on a power line.

  2. I hope you have no damage and don't have to damage one of the kids (kidding)