Sunday, September 15, 2013

63,728 Miles Traveled Through The Mail

On my old blog, I posted about pen pals and using the postal system more.  While looking around at pen pal sites I came across   This is great for people who do not want to be tied down by a pen pal but still would like to receive mail and see the world.  Since I joined three months ago, I have been receiving nice post cards.  Fair warning though you have to use international stamps.  I send out between 5-8 a month and they only let you send out so many at a time.   The family has enjoyed seeing the postcards that come in.  Here are two of my favorites from Russia:

I have sent postcards to retired people, college students, children and everyone in between and have received some nice thoughtful ones.  Some people jot a quick note and fill up the postage with many different low currency postage stamps which is also neat!

If you are looking to receive real mail other than bills and junk mail but don't want the commitment of writing long letters or keeping up a pen pal you might want to check out


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