Monday, August 5, 2013

Quail Eggs

Friends of ours decided to raise chickens and quail.  Their chickens haven't been doing well thanks to their dogs.  They like chicken.  The quail have been multiplying very quickly and they have an abundance of eggs.  I have received a gift of two gallon sized bags of quail eggs.

So far we have had them boiled and fried.  I think a breakfast casserole will be in order to use them up also.  We are not big on pickled eggs.  It's a little tougher to crack a quail egg than a chicken egg.   The easiest way is to cut across the top of the egg with a serrated knife or you can crack the egg like any other and carefully break the inner membrane with your fingers.  I would go with using a knife if you want to keep the yolks whole.  

It has been pretty warm here, temperatures reached 105 yesterday.   School begins this week also.



  1. Can't eggs be dehydrated? I have no idea what you'd do with dehydrated quail eggs.

    Hot up north, too. 98 yesterday. And off & on rain, which we need, but it was steamy. Not complaining. It'll be cold soon enough.

    (I often think of Kymber when think of winter!)

  2. Wondering what they'd be like poached?

    Somewhere I saw something about dipping them in hot wax making a seal around them, then storing them in temps 50 degrees and lower and they keep for months if I recall correctly. Wish I could remember where I read that tidbit.