Monday, November 10, 2014

Soy Curls

On some of the blogs I read I have been seeing posts about soy curls.  Curiosity got the better of me and I ordered a box from Butler Foods.  

Half of an 8 oz package will make generous helpings for two people.  First you have to re-hydrate them, then squeeze out the water.

I decided to re-hydrate some morel mushrooms also to add to them.
My brother in law is the great morel hunter and my sister in law sent me some last Christmas and I have been using them sparingly.  I also dices up onion, green pepper and added some bbq sauce.

As far as a meat substitute goes this was pretty good.  I made two tortilla wraps with them and have half left over which means I will find out how well it reheats.  A lot of people will say some meat substitutes have the consistency of chicken but I have to say this one is very very close.  With shipping included each bag is over $5 but for a non gmo product I don't think it's bad and I didn't regret my purchase.  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Baking and Carving

Homemade rolls for Sloppy Joe sandwiches the other night.  I am sorry I cannot find the link for the recipe, I thought I had saved it.  I started to carve a Hitty doll, from Rachel Field's  Hitty Her First Hundred Years.

Not that I needed another project.  I ordered a blank from ebay.

Balsa wood, I am glad it is a soft wood because my hands ached the first couple of days.  Her head and body are rounded out somewhat and I am just using a pocket knife.  At least she has a neck now.

I made her a dress from a pattern I found online to get more of a feel for her size.  It's getting there.