Monday, February 24, 2020


Hopefully after this afternoon the rain will clear up for a while.  I can't complain, at least we didn't have the flooding that was north of us.  This doesn't help with the construction of the new house.

Our footings are in and have been inspected.  This week we are hoping for the block to go down for the raised foundation.  When we called about the land we were told the gas line runs down the front only to find out later we have to go to a tie in.  Wonderful. 

We have a well now also.  Progress is slow but hope to see it get off the ground this week and hopefully next.
There are a lot of decisions to be made and we have been at this since July.  By the time the house is finished my daughter will be married and my youngest will graduate high school.  Lot's of changes.

My husband and I have been on a low carb diet for the last month.  I am down 10 but have stalled.  It isn't easy, I love my carbs.  We did the typical thing, trying to substitute cheese and different flours and it is much easier not to do those things.  It's really not the same.  I did buy a little Dash waffle maker and made chaffles with mayo, egg and almond flour.  It helps a little.  I made a large batch an froze them so I can pull them out when needed.  It is mostly snacking we have a hard time with.  I could live on potato chips. 
The latest buzz at work and the internet is the Instant Pot.  I bought my step-daughter one and she loves it, as do the people at work.  I have a regular pressure cooker that only use for beans but I am sorely tempted to buy one.  I had an air fryer that was given to me but I passed it on.  It wasn't worth the space that it took up in my kitchen for me to keep it.  We'll see.

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